What we do

We are a Toronto based Catering Service specializing inĀ  the art of Crepes

Crepe Making

Crepes are an easy dish to make at home, for our love for it, we kicked it up a notch. Bringing the French delicacy to you is something that we are passionate about and take very seriously.

Sweet Crepes

This delicacy is created to satisfy your sweet craving in a way no other desert could do. It’s light, but full of flavour, and made to hug any extra sweet topping you could think of, from Ice cream, to Chocolate, to fruits, and spices. We guarantee you’ll love every bite!

Savoury Crepes

We came up with just the right ingredients to make your crepe experience delicious and memorable! Selections from all around to would to satisfy your taste buds.

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We come to your location, set up, and your guests will have a chance to indulge and experience the art of crepes. 

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